Activitati relaxante in timpul liber


Dupa o zi istovitoare sau un an incarcat, cu mic, cu mare, oamenii aleg sa se relaxeze in diferite moduri. Perioada concediilor se resimte din plin. Aglomeratia este in floare pe toate soselele si cam prin toata tara, cat vezi cu ochii.






Some of the Romanians have already planned their holidays at sea, where they are expected for party music, cocktails and fun. Others chose to spend their free time on a mountain vacation. All those who opt for a holiday in the heart of the mountains are enthusiastic about outdoor rides and extreme sports.

Most of the Bucharest residents who have not been able to occupy a place in a holiday resort / destination in our country in time opt for exotic islands or for a complete stay of three, five or seven days.

Many of them choose a foreign country from the point of view of diversity, of the multiculturalism they offer and of the prices apparently more accessible than in Romania.

There are also people who want to spend their vacation with family and friends. Day by day and in the evening, the terraces in the center and on the outskirts of the city are full of peaks, so it can be difficult to find a vacant place. And the parks have an increasing occupancy rate, especially if the good weather allows the citizens to go out, to walk their pets or to go out with children to the specially arranged playgrounds. For those who have not yet planned how to spend their free time we come up with some ideas for relaxation.

Favorite locations of Bucharest for relaxation

  1. Outdoor relaxation

If you are passing through Bucharest and / or have proposed to know the capital in detail you can opt for an outdoor walk. Take Bucharest step by step and rediscover the parks and museums in the city.

For those who want a special day of relaxation with loved ones, you can also opt for a picnic or barbecue, of course made in specially arranged places.

  1. Extra relaxing session at SPA

More and more ladies and gentlemen prefer to reinvigorate their tone in a unique way, completely and completely different from the others. A special idea of ​​relaxation is to go to the SPA  for a series of special rituals, which relieve fatigue and stress. You can introduce in the relaxation duet not only the SPA sessions, but also facial, hair and body treatments.


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